Private Laticia


Well when laticia James opened the door for me she was a very nice Perth girl x, & in my head I was thinking I am going to have a great time with this girl xx, & I was not wrong at all laticia your a very lovey girl thanks for the great fun in bed, your a very nice girl thanks

Matty Perth wa xxxx. – November 2014


What more can I say that hasn’t already been said. Laticia is a wonderful person, so much fun. I had the pleasure of spending several hours with her and Elle Rockford, and what a night it was.

Chris, October 2014


Can you keep a secret. Unfortunately no one can these days. Laticia is simply something different than what u have seen or known before. Once u pay her a visit u will become a regular believe me.

What attracts me in a lady is her personality and apart from her unquestionable skills :) she has an amazing personality. Sharing with her will make u feel alive. What a lovely lady.

Mike, May 2014

Gents, after contacting another Lady who could not make the business function I needed to attend, I asked if there was another lady who was in a similar league as the lady who could not make it.

I was a little apprehensive when I was given Laticia’s contact info. After the initial contact which was refreshing a received a call from Laticia before the event, I was supprised to say the least, Friendly
Flirty, and highly sociable.

Upon turning up at her Door step to pick her up I was greeted by a Gorgeous Woman in an Long Black evening dress- a vision, and made to feel right at home, we had time for a drink and to get a little better acquainted, we made our way to the event had a fantastic time, attentive, friendly, affectionate The True GFE experience. Gents you have to beware of this little minx as while we were out having a cigarette, I placed my hand on her dress which was tight and had slits in it for appeal, and low and behold no Underwear. We had a fantastic time at the event and this Lady is a Treasure to be in the company of, as for the afterwards you will have to experience this Gorgeous Lady for yourselves.

Laticia it was a Blast I had a fantastic time and look forward to calling you soon.


-Mick April 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR CHEER. My start to the New Year was a cracker, sharing time with Laticia. Communication with Laticia is easy and considerate. The loction is ideal and easy to find, as was parking right out the front. On meeting Laticia I was taken by the sassy women before me, her gorgeous petite appearance, friendly introduction kiss, nice warm positive vibe and cool mojo.

Taking in Laticia at first was like a moment of sensory overload. A glorious combination of exotic and erotic, with her beautiful mesmerizing eyes, hair that enhancess her facial features ideally and her choice of outfit, casual yet cheeky, framed her presence perfectly. Her pictures are close but don’t fully capture Laticia. Although Laticia is just the complete package her beautiful tush requires particular notice. Her sexy as ass is so loucious, carried with the sexiest swager. Being lead upstairs by the sexist ass to what follows and flows freely in the boudoir is just an unbelivably beginning. Sharing time with Laticia you be left to feel euphoric as Latica touches, stimulates and pleasures you on so many levels in so many ways. Experiences were shared with Laticia that l haven’t enjoyed before. Laticia stimulates and excites in ways that are just wonderful. Being genuine, lustful, passionate, sensual and exquisite as Laticia genuinely and generously shares herself with delightful encouragement, openly and freely, just perfect. Laticia is so comfortable and comforting to share time and experience with.
If you weren’t feeling alive before sharing time with Laticia, you will after. Laticia really floats ya boat, Laticia’s is a truely a special place to be enjoyed and treasured. Cheers Laticia

Adam, January 2014


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thoughts about recently sharing the company of Laticia.

I have known Laticia for several years and during this time have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed her company on many occasions. The most recent was only a few days ago at a dinner engagement, which was an absolute pleasure as always. When I met Laticia she was dressed as always, in a manner that is truly the epitome of elegance. I am always honoured to be seen with this lady.

The conversation flowed beautifully, as she is well versed on many topics which made the evening even more enjoyable. Laticia’s interest in her companion is genuine, warm & caring and will leave you feeling intellectually, emotionally & physically invigorated & alive.

The best way I can describe Laticia is Highly intelligent, Elegant, Refined, Articulate & Stunningly beautiful. She is a lady who should be treated with the utmost respect. If you are seeking the company of a true lady I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Laticia. She is ideally suited to men who are polite, respectful & know how to treat a lady properly.

Any amount of time with her will provide you with an experience that will satisfy & excite you on many levels and create a desire to repeat the experience again.

I have not gone into graphic detail about the physical aspect of Laticia’s company… all I will say is that sharing intimacy with her is an exceptional and very special experience and one that will touch you very deeply for a long time.


Nov 2012.

Laticia is a lady who I have enjoyed seeing over the past 6 months, so I thought I should share with you the delight there is in spending time with this charming and sensuous woman. However to condense into a few words the quality of the time spent in her company is not an easy task.
From our first and subsequent meetings we have spent time discussing a range of subjects that have highlighted her intelligent and sensual nature. It has always been my belief that the sexiest part of a woman is her mind and this has only been reinforced with every liaison. Her wicked sense of humour just adds to the joy of sharing time together.

[Hide Quoted Text]Initially what attracted me to Laticia were the images and written enticement she provided. What has kept me coming back is the reality, professionalism and pure sexuality of this truly elegant and classy lady.

When you are greeted with a smile and a kiss as if you are a friend, it is something I find very appealing and enticing. Laticia’s easy going, down to earth personality had me feeling comfortable right from our very first meeting.

If it is just sex you require, then with Laticia it will be incredible. Graphic descriptions of which I feel aren’t necessary because it will be different for each client. Suffice it to say that Laticia’s skills are well above the norm and need to be experienced to appreciate the extent of pleasure she delivers. Your willingness to explore, combined with her undeniable sensuality and imagination will have you begging for more.

Laticia is definitely on my list of must see ladies and I look forward to each encounter as I’m sure you would too. All it takes is to contact her, to enjoy discovering the treasure that awaits.


October 2013

An absolutely amazing time was had by me, and I will brag that the girls did too.

Laticia – as a regular of Laticia her skills in deep throat and general versatility and availability to do things with her was well understood. Attractive, breasts on the smaller side if that’s your thing, lovely lovely pussy, and very happy to spend time with her.

Meagan – I haven’t seen her for years, but do remember a couple of sessions with her. Well, as was described above she is not a 20 yr old, but her body is truly special. Toned, tight and breasts that I just had to do some Spanish with and cum all over (with Laticia playing with it…..). Meagan has kept in great shape and provides a great experience that you would easily return for.

After the girls undressed me, fighting each other for parts of my body I jumped in for a shower. Upon coming out Laticia was tied to the bed and Meagan was proceeding to pleasure her body. What could a guy do, but join in. Vibrator comes out, feathers, and then a paddle. After a bit of playing and orgasming we left Laticia to the bed and I had to undress Meagan to get a good look and play of her.

Somehow Laticia got out, and before I knew it we both had Meagan on her back making a mess of the joint. And then somehow, just naturally and without much planning my cock was deep into Laticia’s throat and I had to be crying out to stop!!

Second go was something out of this world. I was on my back and one of the girls had forgotten I had a dick not a lollipop, whilst the other was riding my tongue. All I could do was concentrate on the task at hand and it is fair to say that I believe mouths giving blowjobs swapped a couple of times but I have no idea whose was whose. But I was in heaven and both girls demonstrated their skills delightfully. Finished of with Meagan riding cowgirl and Laticia watching on with a few fingers working away.

This was a time beyond GFE, as a doubles probably should be. As individually both girls offer services that can be passionate, loving and easily move to XXX as they make all parts of themselves available, when they combine together it is something best left to try yourself instead of getting jealous reading my review.

Well done girls.

September 2013

I shouldn’t be writing this review, it will most likely be to my detriment, because next time I would like to see Laticia there will most likely be a que a mile long outside her luxury apartment, then again i’ve never been very good a keeping secrets.

I have been seeing Laticia for some time now, and we count each other more like freinds. I’m a middle aged client who just can’t resist her. Laticia is not only very attractive, with a gorgeous figure and dresses imaculately to show off her assets, she is a great communicator. To be a successful WG one requires something more than just good looks and the ability to provide a porn star service. Laticia has the X factor, the most outgoing and pleasant personality, and when she says she is “horny” treat her like a lady, because she will certainly treat you like you have never been treated before, she will blow your mind!!

So for any of you guys wanting a truely genuine girlfriend experience, I can’t speak highly enough of this “drop dead gorgeous woman” Laticia comes highly recomended.

Sept 2012

I have only recently discovered Laticia on PG’s. After viewing Laticia’s stunning pictures and reading her profile and reviews, I thought mmmmmm! is this lady too good to be true…………..OMG no!

After a texting to & fro and a quick call, our liasion was organised. A quick trip up the lift and a nervous walk to the door of Laticia’s luxury apartment, I gently knocked on her door. As the door opened and as I stepped inside, standing before me was the gorgeous Laticia.

Laticia was dressed in exquisite lingerie, my jaw dropped to the ground and I was initially lost for words. After some polite conversation to get aquainted I soon realised that Laticia is not just extremely attractive, Laticia is intelligent, humerous and exudes a beautiful personality.

Out of respect for Laticia I will not go into detail of our liasion, other than to say that Laticia enjoys her work and is good at it. For those gents who think that they require Viagra, forget it, Laticia is mother nature’s cure for erectilie dysfunction.

If Bo Derek was a 10, then Laticia is definitely an 11. I’m addicted and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Brian May 2012

I had previously, due to work commitments, had to cancel my first booking with this lovely lady, but was determined to enjoy her company on the second attempt. I found it very easy to make the booking made firstly via email then confirmed by mobile.

I arrived at Laticia’s nice apartment in one of Perth’s premier properties and was greeted at the door by a very attractive, sexy woman in a lovely dress. Being this was my first time with Laticia we enjoyed a nice glass of Sav Blanc whilst conversing and getting to know a little about each other while we enjoyed the fabulous view from her balcony. Then I was taken into a lovely bedroom with candles and music where I had a shower.

Upon walking out of the bathroom, I was greeted by Laticia in beautiful matching black and blue lingerie and stockings; it is rare that I am unable to find a word to describe someone, but on this occasion I don’t think sexy, stunning or beautiful really would do Laticia justice.

Out of respect for this beautiful woman, I will not go in to particular detail of what I enjoyed for the next two hours, however, I wil l say that Laticia has a fabulous body, a wonderful friendly personality and is very skilled in all forms of intimacy. The time we spent was a great combination of sensual, but in a girlfriend way, with a nice massage and cuddling.

I would definitely recommend Laticia for respectful gentlemen who enjoy a more relaxed girlfriend experience, but having said that though, Laticia ensured the entire time I was with her it was about me and making sure I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together. So much so I am looking forward to the next available opportunity I can enjoy this lovely lady’s company again soon.

D – Feb 2012


I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with the very intelligent, affectionate and beautiful Laticia at her luxurious apartment.

Being the same age as Laticia, the conversation flowed easily and had me at ease within a short period of time after arriving at her apartment.

I was looking for an unrushed girl friend experience, which Laticia provides very well with lots of kissing (more than I had experienced with other working ladies), massage, cuddling and touching. And some other things that I won’t go into too much detail about.

Hoping to spend some more quality time with this gorgeous young lady in the near future.

Until next time, Cuddles and Kisses xoxo Brendon,

November 2011

Hi Laticia,

I just thought id send you a quick email regarding our time spent together last week, from the moment i walked through the door i had the time of my life! all i can say is WOW!!!! i was totally memorised by your cute petite curves and those pretty blue eyes! your service was exactly what i was looking for and needed, genuine,hot, and passionate.

Cant wait to see you again soon

All the best `Ben` x June 2010

I had the opportunity to visit Laticia today and all I can say is wow!.
She is exactly how she describes herself on her profile page. Laitcia is a naturally beautiful woman and is everything a man desires and then some.
I found her to be so relaxed and chilled out that I completely forgot that I only met her for the first time today.

If you want a fantastic time with an amazing woman who is great at what she does and enjoys doing it, I urge you to visit Laticia!

No regrets here and i’ll see her again in a heartbeat!

P march 2010